Short story

October 7th/1964

Today is my birthday and my parents gave me this thing that i’m writing in because they are the ones who believe that once you turn the magical age of 16 your whole life gets turned upside down and suddenly forget everything important to you, which is something I never want to do. I want to be able to remember myself the way my parents raised me, the girl I am today and the woman I will grow into. I love to read, I am the type of person who will read everything and I mean everything! I’ll be outside and i’ll read bus stop numbers at the bus stop, billboards, signs on the streets, tiny posters on the side of the doctors office I guarantee nobody but me notices, oh! speaking of reading and books, I am actually heading down to the local library before my family birthday dinner begins. Even though no one else in my family is a vegan, they still cooked up everything veggie just for me!

I’m back, something terribly crazy just happened, something so sudden and tragic that possibly could change my life forever. I was on my way home from the library just reaching up to the intersection, it was almost until I heard the engine of a speeding car followed with music blasting before I even knew, I found myself laying on the ground in the middle of the intersection. My new books, purse and water bottle were the only things with me and they were laying right beside me, crushed. I’m not sure how long I was laying there for but I was woken up by a dark skinned boy with a red hat placed backwards on his head, I wanted to say he was mollato but I had a lot of questionable things about him. Laying there half consious as he spoke the words to me “My name is Xaivier White, and i’m going to find you some help” I felt my body get picked up by him he was yelling at his friend who was in the passenger seat saying “we got to get her help, i’m going to put her in the back of the car” his friend name “Terrance Slick” yelled back saying “Yo man, just leave her… we got to run! we can’t risk getting caught”. Just then when I thought they were going to be ignorant and leave me there I blacked out, but the next thing I knew I was laying in the hospital bed with nurses surrounded me, I don’t remember much at all after I blacked, the only thing I remembered was those two boys. 

October 10th/1964

My head hurts but I am at home, my recovery went okay I just can’t stop thinking about what actually happened, all of the pieces slowly fell into place which made me remember about that dark skinned dreamy guy that HIT me! I am so beyond angry at him for doing this to me, and dis obeying the speed limits.. I swear he was going 100 km/hour. Why me? Why did he have to go and make MY life hell? I was simply crossing the road, or let me say I tried to cross the road, oh and don’t let me forget that it was my birthday! I bet that was one great family birthday that I unfortunetly didn’t get to attend. I can smell the leftover dinner my parents made, just the smell of it makes me sick, I can’t possibly think about eating right now.. not even veggies. I want to get out of bed more than you know, so I carefully got up, I looked down onto my floor and see my jeans laying there with a piece of paper sticking out far enough to even notice it was a note, is this something I didn’t know about? I unfolded the one half of the paper to see a number on it, it looks like a phone number, i’m wondering who’s it could be? I’m complentating on calling it because who in the world could it be? I sat back down on my bed for a couple of minutes trying my hardest to remember if I knew or felt someone put this number in my pocket. My heart is racing but I picked up the phone from my side table and dialed the numbers “9…9…6-0…1..45” it rang about 6 times, I waited on the line to see if maybe their was an answering machine, I was just about to hang up until I heard a males voice roughly answer the phone “Hellooo?” so much noise was in the background, I spoke loudly and said “who is this?” the voice spoke back “uhm, why? who the HELL is this? I said.. “woah calm down, I found this exact number on a piece of paper in the pocket of my jeans…” there was a sudden pause and all the background noise dissappeard but I could still hear faint breathing. I spoke again “uh, hello?” the line went dead after I said that, they hung up. The only thing I could think of is maybe it was one of the boys in the cars number, or someone from the hospital because my pants were off at the hospital because I had to wear the gown. I tried about 5 times later on in the night to see if maybe they would answer but all I kept getting was constant dial tone, I was getting sick and tired of trying so I stopped and by this time it was after dark, I turned off my side light and got into bed. 

October 20th/1964

It’s been exactly 10 days and i’ve heard nothing, at this point I forgot about the stupid phone call and moved on like it never even happened. Tonight is the town carnival and my 3 friends and I are going, their names are Kyla, Ashley and Becca. They are the best of friends any girl could have, and right now all 4 of us are in my room partying up a storm getting ready for the carnival. “TIME TO GO” my dad shouted up the stairs, he’s driving us because he wants to make sure we get there safe and sound without any cars hitting us. As we pull up to the carnival all I see is rides in action, music playing, kids screaming of joy and we couldn’t wait to get out of the car. “bye dad! see you around midnight” since I am 16 now my curfew got raised to 11:00 but since the carnival is in town my parents made an exception for 12. Us four girls are walking into the fair just coming up to the ticket stand.. “I feel like everyone is staring at us” Ashley said, “oh well, who cares we are four good looking girls, who wouldn’t want to stare at us?” spoke back Becca. I just laughed because that’s the kind of girl Becca is, but Kyla was my better half, she knew something before I even knew, she said “except those boys don’t want to look at us” I glance over to my left to see a tall and medium sized guy, I had to blink twice to see if I recognized them, Kyla spoke “hey taylor, that tall guy is dark skinned with a red hat! maybe that’s the guys who hit you?” .. “no, I said” with fear and hesitation in my voice. “lets go over to the Ferris wheel, I don’t want to be near those guys”. We rushed over to the ride and my heart was just pounding, I had a gut feeling that Kyla was right, she’s always right, it was those guys that hit me.. I remember that face and body of his. Kyla pulled me aside while Becca and Ashley went on the ride without us, “are you okay Tay? it’s not like you to just avoid the fact that those could of been the guys that hit you!” .. I said back “to be honest, it was the guys that hit me, I knew from the moment I saw them”. The conversation changed and the ride was over, so we moved onto the next couple rides, I couldn’t enjoy myself knowing I saw the guy that hit me, for some reason my perspective on him changed, I didn’t feel angry anymore, I felt like it was a simple mistake, and I knew in my heart he was the one who put the number in my pocket. I couldn’t stop thinking about him, my eyes kept watching out for him and his friend, I had to hide the fact that I was searching for them from my friends, they would think I lost my mind, and quite frankly I feel like I have lost my mind. The clock hit 10 pm, we had 2 hours left of excitement, we took a break over at the picnic tables to enjoy freshly squeezed lemonade. Fireworks were about to start and wow, were they ever beautiful.. we were sitting there as a group watching them, my mind was off of him just for this short second while watching the fireworks, until I felt a tap on my shoulder, I turned around and it was his friend, the medium sized white kid. I chuckled a bit, “can I help you?” .. “yeah, my name is Terrance Slick, my buddy that i’m here with is named Xaivier, he wants to know if he can talk with you?”. My friends heard everything and they were curious but worried as well, I turned to them and said “I won’t be long.” “sure, okay i’ll talk with him, where is he?” Terrance took my hand and led the way, my mind was racing and I almost had no words coming out of my mouth. “he’s standing just over there by his black car… the car that we hit you with, by the way we are so truthfully sorry about that”.. I said “don’t worry about it, it’s over with, let’s move on, but thanks Terrance.” I let go of his hand and walked towards the car, it was very strange of me to just leave my friends and talk with a guy who almost killed me, I feel like something in my head changed me, I had a different view on things. I walked up to him and said “Xaivier, right?” he smiled a lot, and replied “that would be me”. I smiled and before I said anything he spoke “Taylor, I am so very sorry for what I did to you that night, me and Terrance were intoxicated and being stupid, but you have to know that’s who I am, i’m not proud of it, and right now you’re probably thinking “this guy is dumb and crazy”, which I am. Ever since that night, I feel like I changed, even Terrance too, he’s never nice and obligated to get someone help, me neither actually, that’s the kind of people we are”. I swallowed my pride right then and there, I was about to speak but he interrupted and spoke again “You have no idea who I am, and I don’t know who you are either, but after spending the night in the hospital praying that you would be okay, it gave me a lot of thinking to do. As I was waiting in the hospital when nobody was in your room, I stopped in quietly and peacefully, I held your hand and looked at you and just thought I have no clue who you are but somehow I feel like i’ve known you for a life time, you looked so beautiful laying there with your eyes closed, your hands on both sides of your body, you had a bracelet on that said “family” on it, which made me happy, your long brown wavy hair and dimples just got to me, I thought to myself that it was a must that I get to know you, if I take you out some night, can you please trust me? I would love for you to get to know the real me, I want to know the real you.” His words left me speechless, all I could think of it as a scam, why would he want to get to know me? and I said that out loud, he replied “well I know it sounds crazy, I feel like I should be hiding from you right now, but there’s a lot of things you don’t know about me but all I know is if you gave me the chance, you won’t regret it.” Let alone again, he left me speechless, I almost felt scared, his hand was in mine this entire time he was talking, I let it go and ran off. I had no idea what to do, I wanted to be alone but I knew I had to get back to my friends. “TAYLOR!!”as all three girls ran up and hugged me, “are you okay? what did he want? why did he want to talk?” I lied and said “girls, relax! everything is okay, he just deeply apologized to me, it’s all okay.” 

December 5th/1964

2 months have passed by and thinking back on that night of the carnival makes me smile so much, after I ran off from Xaivier I got a letter in the mail a couple days later from him, it was very sweet, it made me re consider giving him a chance, I guess I was just nervous and scared because I never have had a real official boyfriend and I wanted to be good enough for him. It turns out we were destined to be with each other, and it’s only been two months, and i’m only 16 but I know we will be together for a very long time. Back in October he took me out for a couple of dates and showed me the real him, he’s something else let me tell you that.. he’s a very dangerous boy, I hid our relationship from my parents for awhile because I know they wouldn’t approve, but one night something bad happened which made the truth come out. On November 8th about a month ago, me, Xaivier, Terrance and his girlfriend named Nicole, we all went out for a cruise night, which is not your normal cruise slowly around town night, it would be me lying to my parents about where I was which I never did before, I would stay out all night worrying them to death, we would do illegal things, well not really me and Nicole, but Xaivier and Terrance, but us two were both so crazy about them we followed along. That night Nicole payed for a motel room for us four to share, the night went super awesome.. we drank, smoke, and blasted music, we got about four complaints that night but that wasn’t stopping us. We trashed that hotel room, I felt really bad but it was worth it, sooner than later we got a knock on the door from the hotel management kicking us out for destroying the room, so we made our way out but Nicole offered to pay extra money because she lied and said we had nowhere else to go, so they agreed and told us to clean up our mess, which we did a little bit.. but continued to party more. A couple nights after that us four were all together again and we were convincing Nicole to go home because her parents were going to file a missing persons report because she hasn’t gone home in days, it was all fun and games until the police got involved. Xaivier and Terrance aren’t your normal average guys to hang with, their criminals. They arm robbed some person and have so many unpaid for items. When Xaivier told me all of this, it made sense of to why Terrance yelled to Xaivier that night they hit me “yo man, just leave her, we gotta go, we can’t risk getting caught!” they couldn’t risk getting caught from the police from all the illegal things they’ve done. Every night I spend with Xaivier i’m so scared a cop will see us and arrest him or maybe even arrest me for being with him, but I am so incredibly in love with this guy and I can’t even begin to explain why. My life has changed drastically in the last 2 months it’s scary, and I barely stay at home at night anymore except for on school nights, I haven’t heard from my three best friends in weeks, I really do miss my old life but I made a commitment to Xaivier, and besides all the bad things he does, he makes me the happiest girl in the world and I want to spend my whole life with him despite the fact that he’s a fugitive. 

March 19th/1965

It’s a new year and i’m still involved with Xaivier, my life has gone down hill and i’m not even 17 yet. I dropped out of school and I moved in with Xaivier and Terrance, Nicole is out of the picture but Terrance has a new girl all the time so I make new friends every time a new one comes along. It’s a Thursday night and normally I would have been at home already dead asleep making sure I get enough sleep for school in the morning but I don’t go to school anymore, i’m not proud of it but as long as i’m with Xaivier nothing else matters. This time it was just me and Terrance in the car while Xaivier was inside a gas station getting some food, and Terrance says to me “Taylor, I don’t think i’ve ever seen Xaivier this happy before, you bring joy and laughter into his life and I am so grateful that we met you, in a funny way i’m glad we hit you because if not, we wouldn’t have met you” I smiled and hugged Terrance and whispered “Thanks Terrance, that means more than you can ever know to me” it brought tears to my eyes and when Xaivier got back he said “what’s going on??” Terrance replied “nothing man, just some friendly talk you know how it is”. As soon as we start the car a police car pulled up and grabbed both Xaivier and Terrance out of the car and announced different names… their REAL names. “Devon Woods, you’re under arrest for armed robbery” as they cuffed him, the other cop “Nicolas Smith, you’re under arrest for armed robbery” and cuffed him aswell. Devon and Nick are their real birth names, they came up with those other names so they could hide from the police and make themselves out to be Xaivier White and Terrance Slick. I screamed for Devon’s name while the cop told me to shut up, tears filled my eyes as I ran to the cop and said “take me with you, arrest me too, I can’t be alone, I can’t live without Devon.” Luckily enough they said “Taylor Azalea, you’re under arrest” and shoved me in the back seat with them. Devon whispered to me “what the hell do you think you’re doing?” I replied “shh.. I have a plan.” As we arrived to the police station, I told Devon my plan.. the plan was we were going to run away to BC, BC is where we planned on living together, I knew in my heart and soul I wanted to be with him forever, so this plan HAS to work one way or another.

May 1st/1965

After that night of us getting arrested, the police had no choice but to take me home, I thought for sure the plan would have worked, my parents have never been more upset with me. As I was laying in bed I closed my eyes for a solid ten minutes and thought about everything in the past half year and what has happened, I realized how terribly my life has changed and how many friends I lost and how much of a failure I felt like, I was almost glad Devon was still in jail, he was out of my life. I only got the occasionally phone calls from him every week or so, but it wasn’t enough. I was woken up to a huge knock on my bedroom window, I knew instantly it was Devon, I don’t know how I knew, but I knew and sure enough I open up my balcony bedroom door and look down to see Devon standing there whispering “jump down, i’ll catch you, let’s make that plan of yours work” I giggled, and said “hold on 5 mins” I quietly gathered up a couple of my personal belongings and jumped down from my room, he caught me. I gave him the biggest hug of my life and kiss, he said “we don’t have time for that, we got to take a train to BC” I replied “a train?! well okay, as long as we are together” he held my hand and said “forever, we will be together”. So many thoughts were going through my mind, what was I suppose to tell my parents? their going to wake up to my empty bed and be so worried. We arrive to some random train and the guy who was driving looked sketchy but off we went, we jumped up onto the train and the train driver said “now, are you 100 percent sure this is what you want to do?” We both looked at each other deeply in the eyes and responded together “Yes!”. Devon looked down at me and said “Taylor, I am so proud of how brave you have been throughout this entire thing, it’s been one hell of a roller coaster ride but without you, I would be nobody, I would be lost” I replied with tears in my eyes “Devon, you’re the first boy I have ever loved and the only one I will.


Personal addition #22


This picture was taken on my dads 50th birthday, it’s personal to me because this picture captures our relationship, im a daddy’s girl and I just love him so much.  


On my list I wrote “help someone with their groceries” i haven’t really found someone who needed help with their stuff, but the other day I was in the LC parking lot and some girl came out with a huge bag of different alcohol and she dropped it on accident and all of her alcohol smashed and went all over the ground and so I got outta my van and helped her pick up all the glass pieces, I thought it related to me helping someone with their groceries. 

Personal addition #21


This picture was taken at the fashion show! I can’t believe how time has gone by so fast, it’s already been 4 months since this night and I still remember every bit of it. It was a great opportunity for our senior grade to come together as a group and I find it brought us all closer, I will never forget this night! ❤️😊 

Personal addition #20


I think of this quote as a personal addition because it’s quite weird how this is accurate. We tell someone to never talk to us again but whenever you hear your text noise or phone go off you hope to god that it’s them, but that’s weird.. I thought you told them to never call you again? Why would you wish it was them? Those are some things I would like to know because I feel the same way, I tell people to never talk to me again but whenever my phone rings I hope it’s him. 

Mini lesson👀

1) where did you go?

how long did you listen?

Who was it between?

How did it feel to eavesdrop?

2) what insights did you gain about the way people talk?

3) how can you apply this to your writing?
4) how is personality/character revealed through conversations/dialogue 
5) what happens when more than 2 people join the convo?
6) most surprising thing you learned about the way people converse?
7) differences/similarities between written and spoken conversations?

1) – I went down the hallways in the science block, into the cafe, and the foyer in the front of the school

– I listened to each conversation for about 5 mins, some more mins because the convo kept going
– mostly between a boy and a girl, I feel like the convo would of been more in depth but I also listened to two girls
– it kind of felt wrong but I knew it was just for this assignment only so it didn’t really matter but it also was fun to hear what others are saying/thinking
2) – I gained some insights about convos I listened to by listening closely to the tone in their voice it gave me more of a glimpse of what they actually were talking about, almost as if I was in the conversation myself. Also I learned what kind of people they were, their choice of word towards each other showed a lot of who a person is
3) I could apply this to my writing by doing a journal entry, or dialogue and even imagery. If I were to write a short story/ book or anything I could use this method of eavesdropping to add to whatever I was trying to create and to get the message across to readers
4) personality and character can be represented through conversations and dialogue because you hear the tone in their voice and word choice, it really shows who the person is or even could be in the future. Or whoever a person is talking too can show their personality, for example: a daughter yelling at her mom for doing a silly thing. that just shows she has anger for something so small which shouldn’t bother her so much, that would tell you something about a person.
5) when more than 2 people join into a convo it does change a lot, when it’s just 2 people talking to one another you feel more secluded and private rather than feeling like you should keep everything to yourself personally and talk about other things when more than 2 people join
6) most surprising thing is Iearned is how quickly you can know someone in just a matter of minutes, or know something about their life and which is funny they had no idea I was listening to their convo, the more they talked the more I knew
7) differences:
-You can’t hear them physically speaking or see 
– you can say a lot more unsaid feelings written rather than spoken
– you can see imagery in both spoken/ written conversations
–  you can still get the same message across whether it on paper or face to face